Is Kim Jong-un’s Photo-Op Meeting With Trump ‘Backfiring’ In North Korea?

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Daily Mail: Kim Jong-un’s photo-op meeting with Trump ‘has backfired because North Koreans question why THEIR leader was so desperate to meet the US President’

* Kim Jong-un’s eagerness is said to have undermined his image as a strong leader
* There has also been criticism of Pyongyang’s overblown propaganda on the talks
* The two leaders met in the DMZ between North and South in a surprise summit

Kim Jong-un’s impromptu meeting with Donald Trump last week has gone down badly in North Korea where people are unsure why their leader rushed to meet the U.S. President, it has been claimed.

Kim’s eagerness to meet Trump has undermined the picture that Pyongyang paints of a powerful and proactive leader, a source told Korean media.

There has also been criticism of Pyongyang’s overblown propaganda, after the North declared the encounter a ‘historic’ meeting’.

The surprise meeting in the DMZ that divides North and South Korea brought a promise to resume nuclear talks after months of angry exchanges, but critics dismissed it as an act of political theatre.


WNU Editor: The above Daily Mail reporter is forgetting that North Korea is a communist run dictatorship. There are dire consequences if you criticize the leader. But if I was to hazard a guess, I would say that the overwhelming majority of North Koreans are supportive of Kim Jong-un’s policies to reconcile with South Korea and the U.S.. They are like us. They want a better life, and they want an end to the war rhetoric of the past 70 years.

Update: Many obstacles still remain …. Even for a limited nuclear deal, North Korea may settle for nothing less than sanctions relief (Reuters).

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