Is Iraq On The Verge Of Revolution?

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Members of Iraqi security forces are seen in front of the Iranian consulate, as demonstrators gather during ongoing anti-government protests in Kerbala, November 3. REUTERS/Stringer The ominous sign for Iraq as it spirals towards revolution

It’s suffered two invasions and a mission to save it from the Islamic State. Now this nation caught between the world’s fiercest enemies is on the brink of spiralling out of control.

At least three people have been reportedly shot dead at protests outside the Iranian consulate in Iraq this weekend, as the country is engulfed in widespread unrest over corruption, unemployment and public services.

Despite the $US220 billion reconstruction effort following the US-led 2003 invasion, Iraq remains suffering from immense unemployment, failing public services and widespread corruption.

Over the weekend protesters threw burning objects over the walls around the Iranian consulate in protest over perceived interference in internal affairs.

It comes amid widespread unrest where tens of thousands have taken to the streets to call for regime change and the end of corrupt parties. And that’s before you take religious divides into account.


WNU Editor: Iraq has high unemployment, a failing public service, corruption, and deep sectarian differences. It is amazing that the country is still together.

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