Is Chinese Surveillance Tech Watching Us?

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Popular Mechanics: Chinese Surveillance Tech Could Be Watching the U.S. Military

More than three thousand banned Chinese cameras and other tech are on U.S. government networks, including possibly Pentagon networks.

* Surveillance and communications technology made by five Chinese companies is banned from U.S. military use.
* Despite the ban thousands of Chinese devices are still on government networks, including possibly by the Pentagon.
* The technology could be used by the Chinese government to watch U.S. troops and government facilities.

Three months after a federal law banned certain Chinese tech devices from U.S. government use, the federal government still operate thousands of the prohibited devices. According to C4ISRNet, security researchers found 3,500 sooned-to-be banned devices still on government networks. Senator Marco Rubio, concerned that devices on U.S. military networks could become compromised and act as surveillance devices for Chinese intelligence, recently wrote to the Pentagon asking for quick action.


WNU Editor: These “back door” issues with Chinese technology is a big issue. China badly miscalculated on how this would play out in some countries. On a personal note. I have used Hikvision cameras. In terms of price and quality they are one of the best.

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