Is A Global Recession Around The Corner?

USA World

Bloomberg: Is the World Economy Sliding Into First Recession Since 2009?

(Bloomberg) — The global economy is wobbling and whether it topples over is the big question in financial markets, executive suites and the corridors of power.

Investors cheered Friday as the U.S. struck a partial trade agreement with China and there were even signs the U.K. may strike a divorce deal with the European Union. But the debate over how close the world is to its first recession since 2009 may soon start swirling again.

There will certainly be discussions this week at the International Monetary Fund’s annual meeting in Washington. Bloomberg Economics’ global GDP tracker shows the pace of expansion has slowed to 2.2% in the third quarter, down from 4.7% at the start of 2018.


WNU Editor: A global recession will happen one day. Will it happen in the next year or two? Unless there is a major war in the Middle East (or elsewhere), or a trade war where duties are slapped everywhere, I do not see it happening.What I do see is a slowdown, especially in countries like Germany and China.

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