Iraqi Security Forces Turned A Blind Eye During Attack On US Embassy In Baghdad

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Washington Examiner: ‘How did they get so close?’: Analysts ask if Iraqi security forces turned a blind eye during attack on US Embassy in Baghdad

An Iranian-controlled militia couldn’t have breached the U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad without the tacit acquiescence of some Iraqi security forces, according to American government sources and analysts.

“It shows just how fragile that relationship is with the U.S. and Iraq,” a U.S. government source who has worked in Baghdad told the Washington Examiner. “It’s not an Iraqi government, it’s an Iranian satellite.”

Such frustrations have simmered for months amid rocket attacks on bases that house American troops in Iraq. The attacks were launched by Iranian-controlled militias that are supposed to report to the Iraqi central government. Those tensions erupted Tuesday when the militias succeeded in breaching the Green Zone in Baghdad.


WNU Editor: The Iraqi official who was recently appointed to be responsible for the security in the Green Zone is a friend of Iranian Quds General Qassem Soleimani …. Was Iran Involved In Today’s Attack On The U.S. Embassy In Baghdad? Iran’s fingerprints are all over this attack.