irans zarif signs armenia deals continuing duties

Iran’s Zarif signs Armenia deals, continuing duties

Middle East

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif signed two agreements in Tehran with Armenia, television footage showed, continuing his duties as Iran’s top diplomat after President Hassan Rouhani rejected his resignation.
In a ceremony broadcast live on state TV, Zarif signed two agreements to expand cooperation between Iran and Armenia.

Rouhani rejected Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s resignation on Wednesday, the government’s official website said.

“I believe your resignation is against the country’s interests and do not approve it,” Rouhani wrote in a letter to Zarif, the website said.

Meanwhile, Zarif thanked Iranian officials and the nation on Wednesday for their support after his resignation, saying he has always been committed to serving the country.
In an Instagram post, Zarif said “as a modest servant, I have never had any concern but elevating the foreign policy and the status of the foreign ministry.”