InfoWars: Illegals Receiving SSNs, US Bank Cards

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Last Updated on July 10, 2024

InfoWars author and commentator Greg Reese reported on Wednesday that illegal immigrants are receiving payouts and even social security numbers within a mere four months of crossing the southern border.

For several years, illegal immigrants have been given a surplus of $1.6 billion in US bank debit cards from the United Nations, according to the New York Post.

Todd Bensman, Senior National Security Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, reported that along the border leading to a trail of illegal immigrants is the United Nations “handing out cash and debit cards and rental assistance and movement assistant to help sustain them on their road to El Norte.”

Catholic Charities play a significant role in aiding the invasion of America’s southern border. It has spent millions while “profiting billions,” said Reese. San Antonio Police confirmed Catholic Charities’ involvement, saying they are under its direction.

Richard Poiso of Chicago told his audience on YouTube that immigrants are receiving social security within a few months of arriving based on a conversation he had with an illegal. The man showed Poiso his social security card and told him he found an apartment within his first week and had been working off the books for the last four months. Now, the illegal immigrant has received his worker’s permit.

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We have people literally trying to do everything. They’ve been waiting for years. They still don’t have what this guy has in four months. That’s how f****ed up our government is. That’s how much they care about the illegal migrants more than they care about their own people.

The Guardian reported that President Joe Biden opposes the Republican-backed safeguard legislation, the SAVE Act (H.R.8281), requiring proof of citizenship to vote. The SAVE Act passed in the House on Wednesday. If it doesn’t become law, a person does not have citizenship, a social security card and a driver’s license would be enough.

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Non-citizens will be voting in this upcoming 2024 presidential election regardless of how much the mainstream media downplays it. It’s simply insurmountable for them and Democrats to deny, but they will continue to do so because the illegal immigrant demographic leans to the left.

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