Images of the Zacatecas confrontation aftermath between State Police and Los Talibánes which left 14 dead

Latin America World

 By Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Yesterday BB reported on the confrontation between LosTalibánes Cartel and Zacatecas State police. 
The state is reporting 14 gunmen Talibánes killed and 3 police injured.

Barret rifles and grenade
launchers were used in the conflict.  The
confrontation that broke out between the rural area of
​​the Nueva
Alianza and R
ío Frío communities, some 40 kilometers from the
Zacatecan capital.

Los Talibánes Cartel was founded
by Iván Velázquez Caballero, also known by his alias El Talibán, a former regional
leader of Nuevo Laredo for  Los Zetas, he
was   known as L-50. 
Early Zetas years monikers were either Z or L.

In 2012, fierce infighting
erupted in the Zetas organization, primarily between Miguel and Omar Trevino
against Velázquez.

Velázquez split from the Zetas
and rejoined Golfo Cartel (CDG), from who he split from with the Zetas. 

He quickly became a cell of CDG having
more independence.  He and his group
remained in Zacatecas and San Luis Potosi where they remain and are a dominant
force in.

However, in a quick turnaround, in
September 2012, in a coordinated intel effort with the DEA and the Mexican Marina
(navy) Velázquez was arrested. Without a shot fired.  He was extradited to the US the following
year, and has been convicted and sentenced to 30 years.

However short his reign of Los
Talibánes, the namesake stands.

Secretary of  Semar said; “Los Talibánes are the only local
cartel in San Luis Potosí, however, due to its strategic position and abundance
of roads , the entity registers the presence of five more groups that are
passing through for their operations.”

It is suspected they are at the
core of violence in SLP and Zacatecas in a struggle against CJNG.