I Needed A Break Tonight

USA World

WNU Editor: It has been a rough three years. 

Pandemic restrictions. The Russia – Ukraine war that has engulfed my family and friends on both sides. Taking care and providing guidance to hundreds of Ukrainian families who have fled Ukraine to start a new home in Canada. Providing home care to my 97 year old mother who is now near the end of her life. And doing all of this while still working 60+ hours per week. Correction …. always working 24/7.

Sighhh …. It has been a challenge. 

And I am getting too old for this shit. 🙂 

But tonight my young, beautiful, super intelligent and always entertaining step-daughter surprised me by taking me to my favourite restaurant in Montreal (Joe Beef). Regarded as one of the best restaurants in North America, and the favourite restaurant for people like the late Anthony Bourdain, Joe Rogan, Prime Minister Trudeau, and others …. sighhh ….  they certainly did not disappoint tonight. 

Best table in the house. Best food. Best wine. Fantastic service.  A personal visit from the chef and some extras from him. And most important of all …. being with great company in a place where the energy and atmosphere was fantastic.

Yup. I needed this break tonight.