hundreds more leave syria daesh holdout afp reporter

Hundreds more leave Syria Daesh holdout: AFP reporter

Middle East

NEAR BAGHOUZ, Syria: Hundreds of suspected terrorists and their relatives exited the last Daesh group holdout in eastern Syria aboard 11 trucks on Tuesday, an AFP reporter said.
The huge double-trailer trucks snaked toward a screening point manned by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces across the plain from Baghouz, the last hamlet still held by Daesh.
Women could be seen spilling out of the trucks as SDF fighters prepared to screen yet another batch of survivors from the last speck of the terrorists “caliphate.”
On Monday alone, 46 such trucks left the Daesh pocket, bringing to around 50,000 the number of people who quit terrorist-held territory since December.
Among them were thousands of suspected terrorists who tried to blend in with civilians in a desperate attempt to save their lives before a final assault by the Kurdish-led SDF.