Human Rights Watch: CIA-Backed Afghan Troops Guilty Of ‘War Crimes’

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The Guardian: CIA-linked unit accused of atrocities in Afghanistan

Document details 14 deadly raids by pro-government units with support of US intelligence

The Afghan soldiers who swept through Kulalgo village one late August night shot three of Dr Ulfatullah’s relatives carefully, a single bullet through their left eye, faces otherwise untouched as blood pooled below their bodies on the floor of the family home.

The last killing was less precise, and left the face of university student Ansarullah badly disfigured. His family thought perhaps he had heard the muffled gunshot that ended a cousin’s life, and briefly tried to struggle against his captors.


WNU Editor: The Human Rights Watch report is here …. Afghanistan Atrocities by CIA-Backed Forces: Daily Brief (Human Right Watch).

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