How Was Lefty SM Murdered In Jalisco? This Is What We Know

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The news of his death was confirmed on Sunday morning, September 3.

Juan Carlos Sauceda, better known as Lefty SM, died this weekend in Jalisco, and although at first it was indicated that it was the result of an assault, it was later revealed that he was actually shot at his home in Zapopan. 
The death of the 31 year old was confirmed by his record label, Alzada, in a statement: “it is with deep sadness that we inform you of the death of our brother Lefty SM, Juan Carlos Sauceda”. In the following paragraphs we tell you 
what we know about the case, which is already being investigated by the state prosecutor’s office.
The singer was attacked at his home, but died in the hospital. According to the Zapopan Police Station, everything happened on Saturday night, when a vehicle entered the subdivision where the rapper’s home is located, which was approached.
Around 10:50 p.m., according to the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office, three men entered the house and tried to take the rapper out of the house; however, when they failed to do so, they shot him with a firearm and then escaped.
After the attack, the artist was taken by his own means to Hospital Real San José, where he died while receiving medical attention at approximately 1:15 a.m. on Sunday.

Lefty SM’s assailants went after him to his room
The rapper’s wife gave details of the case on social networks, where she also expressed the pain she feels after the murder of her husband, who she assured, had already finished an album and was excited for what was to come.
She also dismissed the preliminary versions that indicated that the rapper had been the victim of an assault or that he had opened the door to the assailants, who had allegedly knocked on the porch of his house.
“They were going to kill you, my love, fucking envious people… you never opened the door, they went into our room on the second floor and pushed us out, you were not involved in anything, much less looking for fights,” he said.

Rappers mourn Lefty SM’s death
Colleagues of the rapper, such as Santa Fe Klan, lamented on networks the death of the 31-year-old and stated that “rap is in mourning”.
Santa Fe Klan, who was one of the rappers with whom he collaborated the most, through his Instagram account, posted an image of Lefty in which he lamented the news.
Likewise, El Komander, with whom he worked to create the song Por La Misma Tierra, reacted with a message on social media: “Rest in peace, my friend. God has picked you up”.
MC Davo was another of the artists who spoke about the rapper’s death. In tears, he lamented what happened and even indicated that he would stay away from social networks.
Who was Lefty SM?
Lefty SM was a Mexican rapper and composer, born on April 22, 1992. Since he was a child he was interested in music that mixes urban and regional Mexican.
Although his first steps in the musical medium began in 2010, the singer did not jump to fame until 2017, when he began to collaborate with different artists.
His debut album is Avión de Papel, which was released in 2019; his most successful songs were Quién te viera, Vida Mala, La hora, Veneno and Avión de Papel.
The musician gained great fame on the internet for his song Por Mi Mexico, a song that has been used as an anthem to declare the love people feel for the Aztec lands.