How Did U.S. Javelin Missiles Sold To France End-Up In Libya?

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A Javelin anti-tank missile seized by Libyan Army from Haftar’s forces in Gharyan. [Photo: Social Media]

Al Jazeera: Missiles found on pro-Haftar base in Libya belonged to France

France says armaments were meant for ‘self-protection’ of counterterrorism unit in Libya but were ‘unusable’.

The French military said on Wednesday several Javelin missiles found in a rebel base in Libya were purchased by the French government from the United States but were defective and were meant to have been destroyed.

In a statement sent to reporters, the army ministry said the missiles were intended for the “self-protection of a French military unit deployed to carry out counter-terrorism operations”.

“Damaged and unusable the armaments were being temporarily stocked at a depot ahead of their destruction” the ministry said adding that “they were not transferred to local forces”.

It is the first time since 2016 that France has publicly acknowledged it still has special forces deployed in Libya. It is not clear how many troops are deployed.


WNU Editor: The big story is not the discovery of this weapons cache, but the French acknowledging that they have Special Forces in Libya.

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