Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau apologises to fans for dangerous stunt during China concert

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Dressed in a suit, Hong Kong icon Lau ran and knee-slid towards the edge of a raised platform to interact with a female dancer on the floor below.


Hong Kong singer Andy Lau apologises for heart-stopping incident at Shanghai concert

Hong Kong singer Andy Lau apologises for heart-stopping incident at Shanghai concert

The slippery surface meant he only managed to stop just before plunging off the platform.

The stunt was captured on a video which went viral on Douyin, China’s TikTok.

In the background, fans can be heard shouting anxiously as Lau narrowly avoided a fall by reaching out to grab onto the floor.

The video ignited heated discussions online.

“What kind of stage is this, and why is it so dangerous?” said one online observer.

“My idol, you are no longer young, please be careful!” said another.

“Why, at his age, does he need to perform such dangerous stunts?” said a third.

The Shanghai concert marked Lau’s return to touring after a decade-long hiatus.

A still from a viral video shows Cantopop king Andy Lau coming perilously close to falling off the raised platform. Photo: Douyin

Lau apologised to his fans a day after the event.

“I want to say sorry to everyone. I won’t do it again. I didn’t realise the stage was so slippery. It was an accident, I’m sorry, I will take good care of myself,” he said.

He then asked his fans to forgive him.

Adjustments were made to the stage, and the star’s performance, to ensure safety.

At the next performance, the height of the platform had been lowered, and instead of running and sliding on his knees, Lau knelt down a safe distance from the edge of the stage.

Fans expressed relief and ongoing concern for Lau’s safety.

“I hope my idol stays safe and healthy and keeps performing until he’s 80, I’ll be there,” said one fan.

Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau issues an on-stage apology to his fans following his Shanghai stunt. Photo: Douyin

The incident also evoked memories of previous on-stage accidents.

“This is exactly how Wong Ka-kui died. I almost cried,” said one online post which received more than 13,000 likes.

In June 1993, Wong, the lead singer of the Hong Kong rock band Beyond, died from severe head injuries after falling 2.7 metres off a stage during a live show in Japan.

More recently, in July 2022, two dancers for the Cantopop boy band Mirror were hit by a giant video panel that fell from the ceiling during a concert in Hong Kong. One of them was left paralysed from the neck down.