hell in helsinki finlands entire government resigns after welfare reform fails

HELL IN HELSINKI: Finland’s ‘ENTIRE GOVERNMENT’ Resigns After Welfare Reform Fails

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The entire government of Finland resigned Friday after a three-party coalition failed to agree on welfare reform policy; a hot-button issue plaguing the nation as the population ages and resources dwindle.

“Finland’s entire government resigned Friday after the governing coalition failed to agree on the welfare state reform, just one month before elections were due to be held,” reports Fox News. “Juha Sipila has been the country’s prime minister since 2015 after forming a three-party governing coalition with two other right-leaning parties.”

“I take the responsibility for the failure. It has been a huge disappointment to me,” said the Prime Minister.

Finland’s government aimed to cut $3.4 billion over the next decade to cope with a series of issue placing a major strain on the nation’s generous welfare-state.

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