Happy Independence Day 2019!!

Latin America World

I am deeply patriotic.  I attribute that to my grandmother who left Jalisco at the age of 18 to venture into a new world.  We studied the constitution together as she became a naturalized citizen of the United States.  She had me promise to never disrespect the privilege to vote, by failing to exercise the privilege. 
I am Mexican-American.  I am equally  proud of being each; I would not want to be anything else.
The United States gave me opportunities.  I can think of nowhere on the planet where a little girl of such humble beginnings, who grew up in a tiny 500 sq ft home,  could think that the world was filled with possibilities. 
And every goal I succeeded or surpassed.   It is because of this amazing nation. 
Today and every day I celebrate The United States of America.
Have a safe and sane 4th !!


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