Halloween ride gets terrifying after brawl breaks out over woman kicked off ride


Spooky season is in full swing. 

A Halloween-themed amusement park ride in Las Vegas became the site of monsters when a brawl broke out after a woman refused to get off the ride. 

A video of the incident published by TMZ shows a ride operator at a Halloween Town location ordering a woman to get off. He tells the other passengers that he will not start the ride until she leaves. 

The woman, who was called Christina by several others nearby, refuses to leave and calls park security to security to complain. The footage then captures her and the operator engaging in a bit of name-calling. 

The operator said she was holding up the ride because she was “acting like a d— animal.” She replied that “you look like an animal.”

It was unclear why she was asked to depart the ride. 

The video then cuts off and shows the woman and several others confronting each one another once on the ground. A pair of females appear to fight, which turns into an all-out brawl as others join in. 

One female appears to get dragged on the ground by the woman involved in the initial argument with the ride operator. The date of the altercation was unclear. 

Halloween Town operates three locations in Las Vegas. It was unclear which location the brawl took place or if anyone was injured. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told Fox News it had no record of the disturbance. 


“There is a chance that it went unreported if no parties involved called for assistance and the property got those involved off property with security,” Officer Larry Hadfield said in a statement.

Messages to the theme park were not returned. 

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