‘Hail Azov’: Neo-Nazis Say They Love Biden Because He Sends Rockets to Ukraine

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Last Updated on September 4, 2023

Self-proclaimed neo-Nazis rallying in Florida over the weekend said that they love Joe Biden because he “sends rockets to Ukraine.”

Video footage of neo-Nazi leader Christopher Pohlhaus wearing a swastika pendant around his neck while pledging his support to Joe Biden has been largely ignored by corporate media outlets as they attempt to link the group’s repeated rallies to the Republican Party, despite their open support of Biden’s foreign policy.

“I think Biden’s better than Trump because he sends Rockets to Ukraine,” said Pohlhaus as he fielded questions on an overpass while his “Blood Tribe” neo-Nazi group held a rally they’d dubbed the “March of the Redshirts.”

“Hail Ukraine! Hail Azov!” he shouted, as other neo-Nazis in the background screamed “Slava Ukraini,” the Ukrainian military battle cry that’s been embraced by Western supporters of the nation’s NATO-backed war effort.

Pohlhaus’s support for Ukraine and Joe Biden’s Ukraine War aid is far from a one-off, as the “Blood Tribe” leader has long been linked to the Western-backed Ukrainian neo-Nazis who overthrew that nation’s elected government in a Soros-backed revolution and eventually installed Volodymyr Zelensky (who is Jewish) as their president.

Previous reports have also linked Pohlhaus to the Russian Volunteer Corps, an anti-Putin terrorist organization that describes itself as a militia. The Russian Volunteer Corps has carried out repeated attacks inside Russia and has contributed men to the Ukrainian war effort against their own nation as Ukraine is being used as a rallying point for neo-Nazis hailing from all over the globe.

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Pohlhaus was far from the only neo-Nazi rallygoer linked to Ukraine, with at least one of them, named Kent “Boneface” McLellan, having spent time in-country. McLellan openly stated in previous media coverage that he was sent to Ukraine by the Central Intelligence Agency to join the “Right Sector”, a group of Western militants affiliated with the openly neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.

In the aftermath of the rally, “Boneface” has attempted to intimidate journalist Laura Loomer, who was on the scene recording video footage of the event and is using her platform to expose the group’s federal ties.

In a video posted online by McLellan, the face-tattooed skinhead uses a HAM radio to say that he has a “visual on Loomer.”

Sharing the video to X, Loomer pointed out that because McLellan is a felon convicted of trafficking meth who was arrested by the FBI in 2012 on domestic terrorism charges, his use of a HAM radio is illegal, and likely further indicates his ties to the federal government.

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