guerrero confrontation between auto defense groups

Guerrero: Confrontation Between Auto Defense Groups

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The Acapulco-Mexico highway remained closed from 06:00 hours after an armed confrontation occurred in the town Xaltianguis, in the rural area located in the state of Guerrero.

A clash between groups of armed civilians on Tuesday left two dead and four wounded in Xaltianguis, a town near the port of Acapulco, in the violent state of Guerrero.
The state government said in a statement that in the early morning hours, armed men fired on the offices of community police, groups of armed civilians regulated by local authorities, in Xaltianguis, located 50 km from Acapulco.
“As a result of the confrontation two people were deprived of their lives and four were injured,” the government said in a statement.

NOTE: NoventaDegrados reports:

At least 10 dead, vehicles burned and chaos in the town of Xaltianguis is what was recorded on Tuesday when members of the Community Police of the UPOEG and Community Police of Tlacotepec burst into the town.

It was at about 06:00 when the members of the United Front of Community Police of the State of Guerrero de Tlacotepec, broke into the town of Xaltianguis and faced gunfire against members of the UPOEG who maintained a roadblock on the Mexico highway. Acapulco

After the shooting, more than 10 people were killed, of which only three bodies were located as their companions removed the bodies to take them with them.

The confrontation caused the arrival of police elements from the three levels of government who secured the area.

In Guerrero it is common the presence of community police, made up of people from the villages that arm themselves to defend themselves against the harassment of organized crime, given the inability of the authorities to protect the population.
                                    A vehicle was burned after setting it on fire. Photo: AFP
The state government added that after the confrontation, elements of the army came to protect the place of confrontation.
                             The body of one of the dead was lying on the fground. Photo: AFP
Guerrero is one of the most violent states in Mexico and the port of Acapulco has been a constant scene of assassinations and shootings.
Elements of the Army, Navy and federal police arrived at the place where the armed attack occurred. 
                              Guerrero is one of the most violent states in Mexico. Photo: AFP
According to official data, nearly 250,000 people have been killed in the midst of a wave of violence linked to drug trafficking, especially since the end of 2006 the government of then President Felipe Calderón (2006-2012) launched a controversial and intense military offensive to confront the mafias.

At least three people were killed and three others were wounded in the shooting that started at 05:30 am in an assault on the command of the Union of Peoples and Organizations of the State of Guerrero in Xaltianguis by armed members of the United Front of Community Police. 

For three hours both armed groups clashed. The impacts also affected vehicles to public transport and private vehicles.

In the town the classes were suspended, all the businesses of the federal road and of the locality are closed in the section of Xaltianguis. 

The Attorney General’s Office, through its social networks, reported that the situation was ” “controlled ” at 11:00 am, this after the presence of Ministerial Agents, coordinated with the Ministry of Public Security of the State Government, Secretariat of the National Defense, Navy and Preventive Police of Acapulco. 


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