Guardian Poll Says Biden Is Currently Leading Trump By 17 Percentage Points!

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Joe Biden listens to vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris speak during a campaign event at a carpenters union in Phoenix, Arizona, October 8. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque 

 * Opinium/Guardian poll finds Biden ahead by 57-40 margin 
 * Biden leads on healthcare, the economy and race relations Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s lead over Donald Trump has surged to a record 17 points as the US election enters its final sprint, an Opinium Research and Guardian opinion poll shows. 
Some 57% of likely voters intend to vote for Biden, while just 40% say they will vote for the incumbent president, the survey shows. 
The 17-point gap is even bigger than than 57%-41% margin found by CNN earlier this month. 
It is just short of the lead in the popular vote that Ronald Reagan enjoyed in his second landslide victory in 1984. Four years later, Democratic nominee Michael Dukakis led George HW Bush by 17 points only to suffer defeat, but that poll was taken in July so Bush had ample time to recover. 
WNU Editor:  The Guardian does not provide the methodology on how they did this poll. According to Rasmussen’s Daily Tracking poll, 47% approve of President Trump’s performance. At the same time in his run for re-election, President Obama’s approval was at 48%.