guanajuato go pro footage by el marros enforcers of armed attack in cjng video

Guanajuato: ‘Go Pro’ footage by El Marro’s enforcers of armed attack in CJNG [video]

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Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  from youtube and twitter

This event occurred on February 5th but video was released this week on social media. The footage was captured by one of the Santa Rosa de Lima enforcers who used a Go-Pro camera. One of the cartel enforcers has a green laser sight on this weapon.
The aggression was against members of CJNG. In the recording the aggressors are heard shouting “El Marro !, El Marro!”,  the name of the leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel, who is in a violent war in Guanajuato with El Mencho and CJNG relating to  “huachicol” in the state.
The attack occurred in the municipality of Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato, in which 5 men were killed.
The murders were in a tire repair shop located in the colonia “20 of November”, where armed men burst in and opened fire.
The gunmen arrived to the shop in two white trucks and exited the vehicles wearing bulletproof vests, running towards the tire shop shouting the order of: “Down! Go inside!” and between weapons bursts they advance. One of them, with a yellow shirt, shoots a man twice who was lying on the ground outside the shop.

To gain entry, one of the men drove a truck in reverse and crashed into the building.

Sicario #1: Get down! Go inside, go inside, go inside! Who’s left? Sicario#2: That faggot ran that way, that faggot ran that way. Sicario #1: Go inside! Knock down that wall, knock down that wall! Sicario #3: The fence, the fence! Sicario #1: Son of a bitch! This motherfucker! (He’s complaining about that mad dash reverse) Go forward, forward,forward! What do you see? What do you see fucker? Sicario #2: There’s nothing. Sicario #3: There’s nothing. Sicario #2: I’m coming along on this side, I’m coming along on this side. Sicario #1: I’m on this side, I’m on this side of the van fucker. Anything? Sicario #2: Nothing. Sicario #1: Lets go! Look back, look back. Man, this motherfuckers crazy the way he knocked down that wall! Let’s go, let’s go! – Translation by Sol Prendido

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