Guanajuato: 9 Violent Murders and Dismembered Bodies in 12 hours

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During the first 12 hours of this Tuesday there have been 9 violent deaths in the state of Guanajuato , some of the victims have been dismembered, others shot or burned. 

The most violent incident was recorded in Silao , where shortly after 6:00 in the morning the finding of at least four dismembered bodies that were found in the middle of José María Morelos Street in the Independencia neighborhood was reported. 

Minutes later, at approximately 6:30 in the morning in the municipality of Salamanca was found the body of a man who had several impacts of a firearm , this happened in the street Fernando Lizarde corner with February 7.

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While the municipality of Acámbaro reported the finding of at least two bodies quartered that were abandoned in the Central Zone of that municipality in front of a primary school, a fact that was recorded at approximately 7:00 in the morning, between Abasolo and Matamoros streets. 

In Irapuato , a man was shot to death in the Constitución Apatzingán neighborhood on Vicente Guerrero Street. So far none of the facts have  identified victims, however the State Prosecutor’s Office already initiates investigations to clarify what happened. 

Report of 5 bodies found in León and Silao:

This morning they reported the discovery of 4 bodies dismembered in the municipality of Silao and one more calcined in León.

The facts are reported on Independencia street in Colonia Morelos. Neighbors reported the finding shortly before 8 in the morning. The identity of the victims is unknown and  two of the dismembered bodies are women.

In the place they were a pair of cardboards that were in defense of the authorities as well as the area that was cordoned off by municipal police.

Calcinated Body in León:

In the city of León, one more event was reported around 7:30 in the morning; At the intersection of the Tajo de Santa Ana and the Timoteo Lozano Boulevard , the lifeless body of a man burned on the sidewalk was located on the side of a vacant lot in Colonia Refugio de San José. 
The body remains so far have not been  identified, the place of the events was cordoned off by Municipal Police and Homicide agents for the removal of the body and conducting inquiries. 
Guanajuato closed the first six months of the year with more than 1,750 murder victims. In June there were 260 homicides, according to the count of AM / Al Día. Compared to May, in 16 municipalities there were fewer victims the month that ends, but in another eleven they increased. And in 5 the figure remained.
León, Guanajuato closes the first semester of 2019 with more than 1,750 homicide victims.
This is indicated by the AM / Al Día count, which so far this year registers 1,763 cases, of which 1,623 are men, 140 women, and of these 37 were minors.
                         The 10 most violent municipalities in Guanajuato in the last 6 months.
Although according to the figures of the Executive Secretariat of the National System of Public Security between January and May the intentional homicides in the entity totaled 1,493 victims.
Cities with more homicides:
To this figure are added the 260 cases recorded in June per month, the number of victims  add up to 1,753.
The business sector criticized the State Government because there is no focus on fighting impunity in Guanajuato.
In this first semester 77% of the homicides in Guanajuato were concentrated in 10 cities: 
Leon, Irapuato, Salamanca, Celaya, Silao, Valle de Santiago, Pénjamo, Acámbaro, Abasolo, and Salvatierra