gto el marro threatens amlo again

GTO: “El Marro” Threatens AMLO Again

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Armadillo For Borderland Beat From ElUniversal

On Friday, a blanket appeared on a bridge of Constituyentes Boulevard, in which the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel threatens President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and alludes to the armed attack recorded at the North Police Headquarters, which left four dead and one soldier injured. According to municipal authorities, the cartel, led by José Antonio Yépez “El Marro”, directs the warning to President López.

A citizen call to 911 alerted the Municipal Police about the appearance of the blanket with white color and black letters. The police withdrew the message from the bridge, which is located between Adolfo López Mateos Boulevard and Miguel Hidalgo Avenue, of this city, and made it available to the Public Ministry.

On March 4, the Navy of Mexico and Federal Police with state forces launched the operation “Golpe de Timón” in the community of Santa Rosa de Lima, against the cartel of the same name, linked to the “huachicol”(Gas Theft) .

Yesterday in the same city the death of a judge was reported in a shooting and a balance of at least four dead and three injured that followed a jail break. Sources of the state government remark that yesterday, around 16:30 hours, men who identified themselves as ministerial police arrived at the police base located in the Fovisste colony, to take a detainee, a gang leader. A gun fight ensued. a judge and inmate were caught in the crossfire, 2 sicarios died.

This comes after Marro allegedly threatened AMLO back in January, but the leader claimed it was a false flag operation by the CJNG, a major enemy of theirs.