grupo sombra hangs narco manta for a zeta mayor in tuxpan veracruz

Grupo Sombra hangs narco manta for a Zeta mayor in Tuxpan, Veracruz

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The cartel Fuerzas Especiales Grupo Sombra (F.E.G.S.) is the name of the armed wing of the Gulf Cartel (CDG) in Veracruz. They are diehard enemies of Los Zetas. The Municipal President  of Tuxpan, Juan Antonio Aguilar Mancha is warned and threatened for supporting Los Zetas . 3 narco mantas were placed this morning by Grupo Sombra at Escuela Ejército Mexicano, Puente Tuxpan, and Centro Comercial Tuxpan Chedraui.
Manta reads as follows: Last warning to the municipal Government. Stop taking for granted the tranquility of Tuxpan. Remember, he who supports our enemies automatically becomes another one of our enemies. Sincerely, F.E.G.S.
A warning was also sent on Facebook to the Municipal Government.
“We want to publicly make clear regarding the narcomantas exhibited early today. The problem is not with citizens, we have shown the tranquility that is breathed in Tuxpan since we banished the last of the filthy who claimed to be Zetas. Nonetheless, the current municipal government with the finality of continuing to steal hand fulls wants to resurface that group. And we will not allow that. We will annihilate them as before. We have already annihilated other enemies. The current municipal president is the mastermind of the plan to keep the population subdued. And no one is allowed to object to their actions, but we will not tolerate it. And if he continues with that plan and he and his team do not align themselves with us. Then they must suffer the consequences. With advance warning there is no deception. Analyze a little and you will see that we the F.E.G.S. are not the bad guys in this story. We have respected the population and kept our elements in line. There are no longer coward pussies in the bars saying they are filthy crooks. Nor transit fights that always ended with people who claimed to be working with so and so. We don’t tolerate that bullshit. We are a serious mob.  And we clarify that if the peace in Tuxpan is over, then there is no other culprit than the municipal president and his assistant rats.”

Sincerely, F.E.G.S.


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