growing concerns about how illinois enforces gun laws

Growing concerns about how Illinois enforces gun laws



The ABC7 I-Team looked into danger signs – potential problems with a new law meant to keep guns out of the hands of potential killers.

It’s officially called the “Firearms Restraining Order Act” but more commonly known as the Red Flag Law. It went into effect about two months ago and it’s designed to get firearms out of the hands of people who might be dangerous to themselves and others.

Family members, roommates and police can now go to court to ask a judge to temporarily remove any guns. Advocates say this law will save lives but, numerous law enforcement officials raised their own red flags about the law, which they say has no guidance and poses a risk to those who must enforce it.

And there are new concerns about how Illinois enforces gun laws that have been around for years.

In the mass shooting at manufacturing plant in Aurora, Illinois, the gunman was armed illegally.

In his first TV interview since taking office, Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul talked to investigative reporter Chuck Goudie about what he says needs to happen next.

“It’s important to respect the laws the protect law-abiding gun owners but the most important thing is to protect the public at large from incidents as the one that occurred recently in Aurora,” said Raoul.

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