GOP’s Cindy McCain, Sen. Flake Reportedly in Line for Ambassador Posts Under Biden

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The widow of late-Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., reportedly are being considered for ambassadorships under President Joe Biden.

Nominating Cindy McCain and Flake would serve two major purposes. First, the two Republicans would help convey a sense of bipartisanship, especially to foreign countries. With no GOP members in his Cabinet, Biden could display a return to the Truman-era adage that partisan politics stop “at the water’s edge,” according to Axios on Thursday.

Second, the nominations could boost Democrats in the once-red state of Arizona, which Biden won by roughly 10,000 votes.

Axios reported McCain had been discussed for the United Kingdom, with Flake being mentioned for South Africa, as well as posts in Europe.

According to Biden aides, it was premature to discuss either McCain or Flake, and no decisions had been made about ambassadorships.

With Biden officials already having hinted they won’t appoint as many donors as previous presidents, competition for plum ambassadorships was expected to be intense. Western Europe was an especially desired location.

Cindy McCain gave a speech in support of Biden at last year’s Democratic National Convention. Former President Donald Trump had been a severe critic of her husband.

British media reported the possibility of McCain heading to London in November. She likely will receive an ambassadorship, though the U.K. wasn’t guaranteed. 

Flake, a Trump critic, served as a Mormon missionary to South Africa as well as Zimbabwe.

Biden counselor Steve Ricchetti is helping manage the ambassador nominations process, which had picked up steam following Tony Blinken’s confirmation as secretary of state.

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