good trouble is getting brave in new season trailer

Good Trouble Is Getting Brave in New Season 2 Trailer


In season two, Good Trouble is really going for it, and the characters are really going through it. 

In a brand new season two promo for the Freeform drama, exclusive to E! News, they’re exploring big feelings, and they’re making big choices. They’re living their true selves and their true sexualities, and maybe they’re even getting bangs. 

“People just be out here getting bangs, y’all,” Alice (Sherry Cola) jokes at the end of a powerful speech, because we all know nothing signifies that someone’s got some stuff going on like a new set of bangs. 

The newly out Alice and the other residents of the Coterie take center-stage in this new promo. 

As Dennis (Josh Pence) deals with his depression, he and Davia (Emma Hunton) are exploring their friendship and her unexpected feelings for him, and Alice may now be out, but that doesn’t mean everything has suddenly fallen into place. 

Meanwhile, Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) is still dealing with wanting to leave Speckulate, and Callie’s (Maia Mitchell) love life appears to be as complicated as ever as it looks like Gael’s (Tommy Martinez) first love Elijah might just be back in the picture. 

Hit play above to see the full trailer, which will air tonight on Freeform during The Bold Type

Good Trouble returns Tuesday, June 18 on Freeform. 


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