Germany’s Economy Sees Its Biggest Decline On Record

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BBC: German economy sees deepest decline on record

The German economy shrank at its fastest rate on record amid the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, according to new official figures.

The total production of goods and services declined by 10.1% during the April-to-June period.

It was the sharpest decline since Germany began producing quarterly growth figures in 1970.

The contraction followed a smaller but still severe drop in activity of 2% in the previous three months.

The German economy, in common with most others, has been hit very hard by the pandemic and the restrictions that have been imposed in an effort to contain it.


WNU Editor: The media is focused on the collapse of the US economy. But the U.S. is not alone. Every major economy has been damaged.

Update: A lot of Germans are not happy …. Thousands protest in Berlin against coronavirus restrictions (AP).

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