Gabon Coup Leader Sworn In As ‘Interim” President

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France 24: Gabon coup leader sworn in as ‘transitional’ head of state  

General Brice Oligui Nguema, who led a coup last week that toppled Gabon’s 55-year-old dynasty, took the oath of office as interim president on Monday, promising to hold “free… (and) transparent elections” after an unspecified period.  

Oligui, head of the elite Republican Guard, led officers in a coup on Wednesday against President Ali Bongo Ondimba, scion of a family that had ruled since 1967. 

The ousting came just moments after Bongo, 64, was proclaimed victor in last month’s presidential election — a result branded a fraud by the opposition. “I swear before God and the Gabonese people to faithfully preserve the republican regime,” said Oligui.  

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WNU Editor: Gabon is the latest in a long string of coups in Africa. You have to wonder who is next? 

Gabon Coup Leader Sworn In As ‘Interim” President  

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