FRUTANA S.A.: Pioneering Sustainable Banana Exports from Ecuador

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Frutana Bananas

FRUTANA S.A. expands global reach with sustainable banana farming, targeting increased exports to China and new markets in Africa and East Asia.

Our mission at FRUTANA is to provide premium, sustainably grown bananas while positively impacting the environment and local communities,”

— Asil Guerra, company representative

GUAYAQUIL, GUAYAS, ECUADOR, July 10, 2024 / — Established in 2017, FRUTANA S.A. has quickly become one of Ecuador’s top banana exporters, specializing in Cavendish and Baby Banana varieties. The company, which exports to Europe, the United States, and Asia, has distinguished itself thanks to its ongoing commitment to quality and sustainability. FRUTANA operates several farms across Ecuador, guaranteeing ideal cultivation conditions.

Key Milestones and Growth

FRUTANA S.A. secured major international contracts in 2018, expanding its market reach to Europe and North America. The company further strengthened its position in 2019 with the successful launch of its Baby Bananas product line. By 2021, FRUTANA S.A.’s sales had grown to an estimated $8 million, reflecting a 50% increase over two years. This upward trajectory continued, with sales exceeding $12 million by 2023, attributed to strategic expansions and intensive marketing initiatives.

Sustainable Practices

FRUTANA uses effective irrigation systems, renewable energy sources, and organic fertilizers as examples of sustainable farming techniques. These procedures not only improve the quality of the products but also benefit local communities and environmental preservation. Asil Guerra, a company representative, stated, “Our mission at FRUTANA is to provide premium, sustainably grown bananas while positively impacting the environment and local communities.” “Our strategic growth and market adaptations have not only enabled us to navigate challenges but also to seize new opportunities, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the banana export industry.”

Market Insights

Despite Ecuador’s 12.17% decrease in banana exports in January 2024, FRUTANA responded by expanding its exports to East Asia and Africa. Notably, China’s imports of FRUTANA’s bananas grew by an impressive 56%. Looking ahead, it is expected that FRUTANA’s shipments to China will double, thanks to the free trade agreement (FTA) ratified in February 2024 between Ecuador and China.

Production Insights

Leonidas Estrada, president of the Regional Corporation of Ecuadorian Banana Growers (AGROBAN), stated that despite initial predictions of a 25% decrease, Ecuador’s banana production climbed by 8% in 2023. Investments in plantation maintenance and better market circumstances were the causes of this expansion.

Global Market Presence

Ecuador continues to be a major banana exporter, with large markets in the US, the EU, and Russia. About 22% of Ecuador’s banana exports go to Russia; the other two major markets are Europe and the United States, at 30% and 12%, respectively.

Compliance and Ethical Standards

Ecuador follows international labour norms, including the FAO-recognized living wage criteria. FRUTANA’s dedication to fair labour practices not only ensures ethical production but also meets the world’s need for sustainably cultivated bananas.


FRUTANA S.A. is at the forefront of Ecuador’s banana export industry, focusing on strategic expansion, sustainable practices, and market adaption. The company’s ability to handle and exploit new possibilities, such as increased exports to Africa and East Asia, indicates its commitment to preserving its industry-leading position.

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