From The Past Pages Of Dawn: 1970: Fifty Years Ago: Middle East peace

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PARIS: The French President, M. Georges Pompidou said yesterday [Jan 4] he was optimistic of a permanent peace settlement in the Middle East. The French President said that for the Middle East there must be a peace treaty which everyone recognises – that the state of Israel is formally recognised and that the Arab States establish diplomatic relations with it.

President Pompidou, official host of the two-year old Veit-Nam conference, predicted yesterday the year 1971 will not produce peace for the Americans and the Veit-Namese. M. Pompidou, whose Government is in a steady contact with the two belligerent sides, said, however, that the scheduled Presidential elections, in South Veit-Nam this year, would produce an interesting indication on how the situation is shaping for South Veit-Namese political forces. …

“I am not madly optimistic,” he told the gathered newsmen. “Everyone is trying to play a bit of hide and seek. Each side is convinced that by standing put on its position, it will make its viewpoint prevail.” — Agency

Published in Dawn, January 6th, 2021