Former Japanese Admiral Says Japan Unprepared For A Chinese Invasion Of Taiwan

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Japanese Special Defense Forces file photo. Photo: AFP  

Defense Post: Japan Unprepared for China ‘Military Unification’: Ex-Navy Chief 

Japan may be caught unprepared if it gets involved in a potential conflict in the Taiwan Strait, a former navy chief said. 

In a Sankei newspaper opinion column via Japan Forward, Yoji Koda, a retired commander of Japan’s Maritime Self-Defence Forces (MSDF), warned of “devastating consequences” if the country did not prepare itself for a potential conflict involving Taiwan and China. 

China has been more aggressive in its claim over Taiwan in recent years, to the point of condemning countries that show support for the island nation.  

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WNU Editor: Truth be told. No one is ready for a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Yoji Koda’s commentary is here …. Japan can Only Succeed in Self-Defense if it’s Prepared to Help Defend Taiwan (Japan Forward).