Former Comptroller General of the United States Releases Timely Examination on the Current State of America and What the Country Should do to Remain a Superpower


Best-Selling author David M. Walker explores the significant adverse implications of COVID-19, his long-standing mission to promote fiscal responsibility and his national security experience in ‘America in 2040: Still a Superpower?’

/EIN News/ — WASHINGTON, DC, Oct. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — America has reached a critical crossroads, and the country’s future is now at risk. In David M. Walker’s newly released book, “America in 2040: Still a Superpower?: A Pathway to Success,” he addresses how COVID-19 should serve as a wake-up call and reveals what America’s international and domestic situation could look like in the future absent a change in course. Walker gives a detailed overview of what needs to be done for the United States to remain a superpower in 2040 and beyond.

“America in 2040: Still a Superpower?” highlights the serious challenges the country faces and offers sensible solutions to fix these concerns and keep the nation on the pathway to success. Walker addresses the lessons learned from past great powers along with America’s founding and legendary history. The book showcases Walker’s significant experience as the immediate former Comptroller General of the United States specializing in financial, fiscal outlook and related policy choices, including his unique public education and engagement experience emphasizing America’s budgetary challenges and solutions. He summarizes how America’s economic, national security and domestic tranquility threats are increasing and how little is being done to address these issues.

“The biggest deficit this country has today is a leadership deficit,” said Walker. “If we are going to preserve the American Dream for future generations, the first three words of our constitution must come alive: ‘We the People.’ My new book, ‘America in 2040: Still a Superpower?’ will guide Americans on the vital steps that need to be taken to create a better future for the country, themselves and their families.”

Walker shines a light on how the nation is at risk of losing its global superpower status that has defined the country since World War II. He outlines the challenges and offers sensible steps that can impact the next President and Congress’s agenda. His book also addresses current issues such as the racial divide that is evident within the country, political dysfunction and various government transformation initiatives.

Ultimately, “America in 2040: Still a Superpower?” provides a call to action by amplifying the need to discharge the current and future stewardship responsibilities for generations to come. Walker outlines a way forward to create a better future for both America and Americans by recognizing America’s great history and analyzing the country’s current state and offering a range of sensible solutions to create a better future.

“America in 2040: Still a Superpower?: A Pathway to Success”
By David M. Walker
ISBN: 978-1-6655-0084-5 (softcover); 978-1-6655-0082-1 (hardcover); 978-1-6655-0083-8 (electronic)
Softcover and Hardcover available at AuthorHouse
Softcover, Hardcover and E-Book coming soon to Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
David M. Walker has more than 40 years of public, private and non-profit sector leadership experience. He has received three presidential appointments from Presidents Reagan, Bush (41) and Clinton, all with unanimous Senate confirmation. Walker’s experience includes serving almost 10 years as Comptroller General of the United States and CEO of the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO). Currently a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the U.S. Naval Academy, he is also a member of various non-profit boards and advisory groups, including the Defense Business Board (DBB). Walker is also a best-selling author with extensive speaking, writing, commentator and congressional testimony experience. To learn more, please visit

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