Former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon, Who Was Convicted of Embezzlement, Now Running for Mayor Again

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Former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon, a Democrat of course, was forced out of office in 2010 when she was convicted of embezzlement.

Now she is planning to run for mayor again, and she has a chance because this is Baltimore, after all.

The Associated Press reports:

Convicted of embezzlement, former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon is running again

More than a decade after being convicted of embezzling donated gift cards, a former Baltimore mayor has announced she’s again running for office.

Sheila Dixon, who resigned as part of a 2010 plea agreement in the corruption case, penned an op-ed in The Baltimore Sun on Thursday apologizing for her past digressions and announcing her candidacy in the city’s 2024 mayoral race. This marks her third bid for mayor following two unsuccessful attempts since her own tenure ended in scandal.

Dixon will go up against current Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott in the city’s Democratic primary. Scott is running for a second term.

In December 2009, a jury found Dixon guilty of embezzlement for misusing gift cards that had been donated to City Hall for charity. Instead of using them to serve the poor, Dixon spent about $500 at Target and Best Buy to purchase things for her family and staff.

Additional perjury charges against her were later dropped. Dixon served four years probation and completed other requirements. She was also barred from seeking political office for two years.

Here’s a video report:

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It must be nice to be a Democrat.

If you think Dixon can’t win, just look up the story of former Washington, DC mayor Marion Barry.

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