For The First Time The U.S. Sees 100,000 New Coronavirus Cases In One Day

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On Tuesday, the US recorded its second highest number of new single-day coronavirus infections since the pandemic began with 91,530 new cases – but daily deaths are holding fairly steady. Tuesday saw 1,130 fatalities, more than double the previous day’s number, but still half as many as the US saw during the spring peak of infections and deaths 

 * United States logged more than 100,000 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday 
 * 17 states, incl. Kansas, Tennessee, Virginia, Oklahoma, Montana, Iowa, Ohio, Minnesota, and Indiana reported record numbers of patients hospitalized 
 * More than 9,470,000 coronavirus cases and more than 233,000 covid fatalities have been recorded since February 
 * Cases are rising in almost every state as winter approaches with some experts fearing a lengthy and severe surge as people congregate more indoors 
 * Americans urged to wear masks this winter which could help slow infection rate 
More than 100,000 new coronavirus infections were recorded in a single day for very first the first time in the United States on Wednesday. 
The milestone figure was passed as the country waited to learn the result of the presidential election carried out while the pandemic has been raging. Health officials say that the steady increase of infections that began in mid-September shows no sign of slowing down. On Wednesday evening, 104,000 new infections were recorded. 
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