Florida Dept of Environmental Protection Approves Underwater Hotel Setting the Stage for Sir Richard Branson to Join In

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Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels International Sea Station

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels International Sea Station

Saudi Arabia Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel International Sea Station

Saudi Arabia Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel International Sea Station

VIP GUEST Deal for Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels

VIP GUEST Deal for Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels

Top engineers, the Solomon Islands and the Florida Dept of Environmental Protection have all approved. This is a GO FOR LAUNCH!

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels, LLC is fabricating the world’s first moveable underwater luxury hotel, to be operating in Red Sea no later than December 2021.”

— Tony Webb, Managing Director of Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels, LLC

KEY WEST, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Over the last four decades when you think of the word entrepreneur one of the names that always springs to mind is Sir Richard Branson who is without a doubt one of the most successful and creative billionaires on the planet.

Sir Branson took his entrepreneurship capabilities further by setting his eyes on Space Tourism and founded Virgin Galactic in 2004 with a view to take tourists on sub-orbital flights giving a new generation of space tourists a life changing view of the earth from the upper atmosphere.

From his early days of selling records Branson’s focus has been providing new and exciting experiences to his customers and with his ever expanding brand of holidays, hotels and resorts this continues to this day. Since the 70s Branson was always asking himself “what next?” and each answer brought an amazing business or exciting adventure to the world. So today we are asking “What is the next opportunity Sir Richard Branson should invest in?” After decades of looking up to the stars, now may be the time for Branson to turn his gaze downwards and turn his skills and experience to a new venture beneath the waves.

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels, LLC International Sea Station is a fully designed and green-lit project that will bring a new kind of subaquatic tourism to the world allowing a new generation of aquanauts to live and dive beneath the waves for days, or even weeks in some of the most stunning marine environments.

Planet Ocean combines the benefits of a luxurious underwater hotel and a fully functional marine research station. The research grade diving facilities and laboratories allowing tourists, marine biologists and ocean scientists to make direct observations from the panoramic windows and to scuba dive from the integrated moon pools. Before retiring to their well equipped guest room and to then lay in a luxurious bed gazing at the fish swim overhead will be a priceless moment for the VIP Guests.

Why is this the perfect investment opportunity for Sir Richard Branson? With his experience in cutting edge premium tourist projects like Virgin Galactic along with his experience in the terrestrial luxury tourist resorts, this project fits perfectly into his existing projects. Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels seems like a perfect next step.

With sustainability at the core of Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels and the International Sea Station are set to be fully self sufficient with its solar and wind power providing much of the energy required to operate the facility and with advanced bioreactor pyrolysis technologies to convert plastic trash into biofuel to power the bio generators and electromechanical propulsion systems similar to those used by Space X’s drone rocket booster recovery barge.

The US PATENT DESIGN #D736947 Underwater Hotel is the brainchild of Tony Webb, who like Branson turned his gaze to innovation and the skies. Mr. Webb became a member of management for one of the first internet search engines that automatically captured TV broadcasts making the spectrum of text, images and audio fully searchable down to the spoken word. In 2000, Mr. Webb turn his focus on his self-funded space tourism endeavor. He was the major sponsor for the Google Lunar X Prize team Synergy Moon, who finished in the final five.

After 12 years of dedicated aerospace work, NASA rejected his space tourism point to point suborbital space flights from Jacksonville’s Cecil Field Spaceport to Kennedy Space Center.

In 2015, his concept for a moveable underwater hotel, which helps to fund coral reef restoration was presented at the Paris UN Climate Accord Conference. Mr. Webb’s amazing work attracted international attention and interest from a previous Minister of the Maldives, marine scientists including Mr. Fabian Cousteau who expressed an interest in an underwater Cousteau Learning Center at a depth of 60 feet in the Egyptian Red Sea.

Planet Ocean is operating on a crowd funding model with plans to attract 715 VIP Guests pledging $42,000 and raising the $30,000,000 needed to construct Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel. The VIP Guest deal will grant them a stay of four weekly visits spread out over a 5 year period.

The designs have been completed and verified by top engineers and permission to operate in the Solomon Islands. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has also approved for operations in Florida waters. The Dry Tortugas National Park is America’s most spectacular aquatic location for this project to launch into inner space.

With an investor like Sir Richard Branson onboard, this project could truly go global with a fleet of Planet Ocean hotels at the greatest resorts and dive spots around the world bringing the chance to stay at an Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels, LLC International Sea Station a reality to the world by December 2021.

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Interview of Tony Webb Founder of Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels

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