FBI And DNI Announces Iran And Russia Are Attempting To Spread Election Disinformation

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 * US intelligence officials identified Russia and Iran as ‘two foreign actors’ that have taken actions to interfere in the presidential election 
 * DNI John Ratcliffe on Wednesday confirmed both countries obtained and used voter registration to spread false information 
 * Iran was confirmed to be behind a series of emails claiming to come from the far-right group Proud Boys, targeting registered Democrats 
 * The emails warned ‘we will come after you’ if the recipients didn’t vote for President Donald Trump 
US intelligence officials have confirmed Iran is responsible for a series of threatening emails targeting Democratic voters this week, as they revealed Russia is also playing its part to meddle in the presidential election. 
Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Wednesday identified the countries as two foreign actors that ‘have taken specific actions to influence public opinion relating to our elections.’ 
Ratcliffe said both countries separately managed to obtain and use voter registration information to target Americans and ‘incite social unrest.’ 
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