Expert on Iran: It’s a luxury for Armenia not to have clear policy in Middle East

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It is a luxury for Armenia not to have a clear policy in the Middle East, said expert on Iran Vardan Voskanyan on Tuesday.According to him, despite the fact that we represent ourselves as part of Europe, we are physically located in the Middle East and not working in this direction is fraught with serious consequences.“No one can say what should a known geographical unit be called according to the official policy of Armenia – the Persian Gulf of just a Gulf,” he said adding that the political elite of Russia has a clear idea and calls it the Persian Gulf, even when its president is in Saudi Arabia or UAE.Voskanyan noted that Armenian communities in the Middle East are gradually declining and the leakage of the Armenian population from the region continues. “A common concept is needed that will cover numerous elements,” Voskanyan said. According to him, the concept should cover many areas, from Syria to Afghanistan.There is no general approach to the Gulf countries, although bilateral relations are developing.

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