Even MSNBC Is Admitting the Biden Campaign Is in Trouble

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The most liberal-friendly media — MSNBC — is now openly revealing the unspoken truth: Biden’s campaign is in trouble after the massive fundraising numbers by the Trump campaign in the month of May. 


A guest on MSNBC called out the Biden campaign for falling behind the Trump campaign. 

“If you’re sitting in Biden’s headquarters, you do not like these numbers because what they do show is that Donald Trump is going to have enough money to run this campaign in a very full way. You don’t like that your numbers are so much smaller than his in that month of May, and you are probably redoubling your efforts to raise money, to make sure that does not happen. If you just look at Trump and the RNC, they raised $106 million together in May. You look at Biden and the DNC, that number is $60 million in May. The difference there is basically 76 percent more for Trump and the RNC than Biden and the DNC. That’s not sustainable for the Democrats if that were to continue month after month.”

Recently, Biden received a nearly $20 million donation from former New York Mayor and 2020 Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg. It appears most of Biden’s big donors will continue contributing to his campaign as they did in 2020. However, Trump’s campaign had small-dollar contributions from hard-working Americans following the former president’s trial and conviction. That’s the biggest difference in this campaign. Yes, Trump receives donations from wealthy individuals as well, but if he outpaces Biden on small-dollar contributions, that shows the enthusiasm for another Trump presidency compared to a Biden presidency. 


Good News: Trump Just Nuked One Advantage Biden Did Have in Campaign

As Bloomberg donated to Biden, two cryptocurrency billionaires — the Winklevoss twins — donated two million dollars in Bitcoin to the Trump campaign. Tyler Winklevoss said:

“The Biden Administration has consistently attacked American business across the board and villanized its greatest heroes. The crime is always success and reward is always ridicule, fines, and even more red tape.”

From the unrest in the Middle East to the lies about “cheap fake” stories and everything in between, voters seem much less enthusiastic about Biden’s campaign in 2024 than in 2020, and it shows in the fundraising numbers. Of course, in 2020, the enthusiasm from their base was to get former President Trump out of office rather than the “excitement” of a Biden presidency. It’s not the same this year because of all the issues the nation is facing.

If MSNBC is saying the quiet part out loud, just imagine the conversations around kitchen tables about the disaster Biden and his administration have been in the past four years. Americans are ready for change and will have their voices heard, not just for the presidential election but up and down the ballot — Senate, House, and local races as well. 


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