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If you are reading this edition of Mideast Daily News in your email (five times each week) it’s possible you still have not discovered all that themedialine.org has to offer. The website of the American news agency covering the Middle East has been providing news organizations and lay leaders with a “daily fix” of contextual, complete and trustworthy news for the past 20-years. Dedicated to the tenets of classical journalism, TML offers news and features you can rely upon regardless of your perspective. From Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen and more, The Media Line’s seasoned professional journalists report news and happenings in the region. For videos, audio files and print stories, access themedialine.org. And while you’re there, hit the DONATE button. We’re a non-profit offering some pretty spectacular educational initiatives. AND before the year ends, we’re asking that all of our subscribers enroll at least two new readers for the Mideast Daily News. Thanks to our generous readers, we’ve managed to maintain it as a free service for two decades. You can help make it three!!!

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