Emma Coronel Is Officially A Free Woman

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Video translation is as follows:

Édgar Muñoz: Emma Coronel, wife of drug trafficker Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán, has been paroled. She served more than two years in prison and several months in a halfway house for prisoners in this city of San Pedro, California. For privacy and security reasons, this office does not provide additional information on those who are no longer in our custody, the federal bureau of prisons confirmed today.

Rosa Isela: I don’t talk about that lady.

Edgar Munoz: Rosa Isela, daughter of El Chapo Guzmán did not want to talk about Coronel’s release. But in an exclusive interview with Telemundo, she demanded that her imprisoned father’s wish to see the twin girls he has with Emma Coronel be granted.

Rosa Isela: He should be allowed to see the twins. It doesn’t matter if we’re not allowed to see him. But they need to respect his human rights. The rights of other individuals have been respected but not his.

Edgar Muñoz: Rosa Isela Guzmán told us that they are arranging for El Chapo’s mother to visit him in the maximum security prison in Florence, Colorado.

Rosa Isela: By God’s will one of us will be able to see him. I’m doing everything within my power to move the heavens, land, and sea on this matter.

Reporter: Could it possibly be your grandma or aunt that gets to see him in person?

Rosa Isela: Maybe. Only God know what’s going to happen. We’re going to surprise him.

Edgar Muñoz: 34-year-old Emma Coronel who pleaded guilty to money laundering and narco-trafficking told Telemundo news in 2018 that she does not fear for her safety.

Emma Coronel: I have never feared for my safety. I have always been at ease. I’ve always felt safe, I don’t know if it’s good or bad. But in general I feel safe everywhere I go. I feel comfortable and I am at ease. 

Édgar Muñoz: While on probation probation Emma Coronel has to report every so often to the authorities where she resides. She also has to demonstrate her rehabilitation within the community.

Cesar Paz: If she violates one of the requirements she can be returned back to a federal prison.

Edgar Muñoz: For now the former beauty queen has no pending crimes in Mexico. Even though she contributed to El Chapo Guzman’s escape from prison.

José Reveles: She has not been accused of anything specific other than having collaborated in providing money for the construction of that tunnel.

Édgar Muñoz: Emma Coronel is a free woman. She will be able to live a normal life with her twin daughters. She will be allowed to continue with her clothing line business.  

Julio Vaqueiro: What does Emma Coronel have to do now that she is free?

Édgar Muñoz: Well, Emma Coronel has to behave herself now. Be with her 12 year old twin daughters and work for a living. Her employment can be done through the sales of her clothing line. But she needs to maintain zero contact with organized crime. It may seem impossible because it can be said that Emma grew up with a father who was involved with organized crime.

Julio Vaqueiro: Yes, that’s true.

Edgar Muñoz: She also has an older brother who’s incarcerated for the same crimes. Nonetheless, she needs to have zero contact with criminals. Any failure to do so could be very costly for her. And as we’ve heard beforehand she can still be placed behind bars.

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