El Recodo, Michoacán: National Guard Secures Truck With 0.97 Tons Of Marijuana

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National Guard (GN) personnel seized more than 0.97 tons of marijuana hidden in the cab and bed of a pickup truck abandoned on the side of the road in this district of Tiquicheo.

The National Guardsmen were carrying out crime prevention patrols on the Tiquicheo – Tuzantla highway, when near the town of El Recodo, the National Guardsmen saw a black pickup truck parked on the side of the road.

Upon approaching the truck, the uniformed officers noticed that there was no one on board, and upon inspection they discovered several packages inside the cab and bed of the truck.

The federal forces seized a total of 216 packages containing marijuana, weighing more than 0.97 tons.

The drugs along with the vehicle were taken to the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office in the state, to continue the corresponding investigations.

El Recodo, Michoacán

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