El Negro Azabache fell in a trap of El Nini and is being held

Latin America World

Chivis Martinez  Thank You Borderland Beat Follower! Via email

For a few days, I have been hearing about an abduction of Nego Azabache, aka El Prieto dark skin) or his sister.
Today a follower of Borderland Beat sent me this image that seems to confirm the rumors.
The follower also stated, as heard for days, allegedly that it was the sister Anahi, who was abducted first by El Nini. 
They then called on Azabache to turn himself over to Nini in exchange for his sister.
The tactic worked for Nini as Azabache did agree to the exchange and turned himself over.
However, they now are assumed to have both of them, as the sister has not been seen, nor have any images of her in captive have been published.
Néstor Isidro Pérez Salas, “El Nini” is the chief of “Los Ninis” the  enforcers for for Los Chapitos. 


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