el mingo second assassin detained in minatitlan massacre brother of el largarto

“El Mingo”, Second Assassin Detained in Minatitlán Massacre, Brother of “El Largarto”

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“El Mingo” is the brother of Jesús “N”, aka “El Lagarto”, the presumed Jefe del Plaza of CJNG in Minatitlán, Veracruz.

By: Miguel Ángel León Carmona

Ernesto “N”, alias “El Mingo” was captured on May 5 for his probable participation in the massacre on April 19th in the municipality of Minatitlán where 13 people were shot to death, including a baby, in the restaurant Palalpa La Potera.

According to official police sources, “El Mingo” is the brother of Jesús “N” aka “El Lagarto”, both of CJNG and the Secretary of Public Security refers to him as a drug distributor in the south of the entity.

A statement made by the State Government, Ernesto “El Mingo” was detained in the south due to intelligence work and logistic coordination by the Guardia National and the SSP; after locating a “safe house and property” where CJNG personnel were hanging out, led by Jesús”N” , “El Lagarto”.

On the property where the authorities made the detention, they also decomissioned:

29 envelopes with “white squares”, 15 other envelopes that which seemed to be crystal meth, a bag of an unknown substance of approximately 500 grams, a scale, a cellular phone Moto G5, one short arm/gun, brand Llama #707892 caliber 580; a spent cartridge with only one bullet left, a long arm/gun model ST15 w/o brandname or registration along with two cartridges, one of black plastic and one metallic, and 28 calibre 223 bullets along with a short Colt pistol. 

Only days ago, on Aril 3rd, Governor Cuitáhuac García confirmed the arrest of Adrian”N”, the probable “intellectual author” of the massace in Minatitilán who was confirmed as the leader of the zone ( Jefe del Plaza) in the south of the state.

Adrián “N”, “El Mingo”, 36 years old was captured on May 5th in the late afternoon after a persecution that ended with the C4 of the Municipality of Cosoleacaque, where he had intended to protect himself.


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