El Mencho’s imprisoned son, “Menchito”, writes a letter to Mexican President AMLO

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“I want him to know that I am an honest, hardworking, humble, servant, transparent person with principles and values that my family has instilled in me…”
Rubén Oseguera González, aka “Menchito” arrested in 2015 and currently imprisoned in a federal prison in Hermosillo, Sonora, claims not to be the son of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes “El Mencho”, alleged leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), despite the United States governments and Mexico both confirm he is.
Through a letter sent to President López Obrador -of which Proceso had a copy delivered by his attorney Víctor Beltrán García- Oseguera González,   he supports the project of the Morenista which has been called the “fourth transformation”.
In his letter – Rubén Oseguera then reveals his situation to the president:

“I am being held at the CPS # 11 cereso in Hermosillo, Sonora, for an extradition process which I am sure and am confident that our Mexican laws will determine a lawful decision  in resolving my situation,  throughout five years – I say – I have demonstrated my innocence by having been acquitted of each and every one of my charges, some from the first instance, and others through resources in the second instance or even under protection [amparo], because they were of general knowledge”
He continues:

“…I have experienced a very difficult situation in seclusion, because of the following they have violated my human rights and my constitutional guarantees, in this period of 5 years I have been being transferred to different federal centers without any reason or foundation, violating definitive suspensions of amparos promoted by my defense, making life impossible for me and my family”. 

He states that he has lived in isolation: 

“Without being able to live with the other PPL (Persons Deprived of their Liberty), since they mention that there are higher orders from which I receive this treatment without taking into account that all this time I have behaved respectfully without causing any problem to anyone and always adhering to the regulation, for that reason I come to you and I agree with the change of the 4th transformation, it is a very big responsibility that you assumed”

After pointing out to President López Obrador that he has all of his support, Rubén Oseguera González, points out:
“I want him to know that I am an honest, hardworking, humble, servant, transparent person with principles and values ​​that my family has instilled in me, I hope he has time to read these letters, consider my situation and take action on the matter  I know they are difficult times to make decisions but it is his duty to keep the citizenship in conformity and satisfaction in each and every one of the issues that I propose when taking this very compromising position, to end  the corruption and privileges at the root that the presidents and past administrations had.”
He signed the letter with “God bless you” and his name Rubén Oseguera González
Just last December 3, Rubén Oseguera González’s lawyer denounced before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) that the extradition process to the United States is plagued by irregularities and that the judicial instances have ignored the complaints of the defense.


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