“El Mayo” of La Linea is one of 3 Arrested Tied to the Ambush of the LeBarón Family

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3 arrested linked to the murder of the LeBarón family. The arrest occurred early today this Sunday, December 1 in Bavispe, Sonora. The multihomicide was carried out a few weeks ago in the limits of Chihuahua and Sonora.

Some media outlets such as El Universal reported the arrest of three people linked to the killing of three women and nine children of the LeBarón family. El Universal details that the arrest occurred at dawn on Sunday, December 1, when federal forces completed a search warrant obtained by a federal judge.
Already an Update: With naval intelligence work, elements of the Special Operations Unit (UNOPES) of the Mexican Navy, arrested Mario “H”, aka “El Mayo” , head of Plaza de la Línea in Janos Chihuahua.

According to sources from the Federal Government, “El Mayo” , a member of the criminal organization of the Line, armed arm of the so-called New Cartel of Juárez (NCDJ), is likely responsible for the murder of 12 members of the LeBarón colony on November 4 in Bavispe, Sonora.

With the arrest warrant issued by a control judge, the elements of the Infantry of the Mexican Navy, stopped yesterday afternoon at  “El Mayo” , head of Plaza de la Linea, without making a single shot.

The newspaper notes that after the arrest of an alleged suspect last month, federal authorities have been obtaining key information.
According to the first reports, the arrest was made thanks to the joint actions of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), the Navy, the National Guard and the National Intelligence Center.


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