El Judas and El Flaco, Sons of Alfredo Salazar, Captured in Navojoa

Latin America World

By Buggs for Borderland Beat
Anonymous Sources

Yesterday, at around 6:00 p.m. an operation was implemented by elements of the National Guard, SEDENA and the State Police in the municipality of Navojoa, Sonora. This was an operation in response to recent clashes in the region by adversarial cartels.

During the operation, authorities managed to capture Adair Salazar “El Judas” or “El Gordo” and Aldair Salazar Ramos “El Flaco.” Both men are sons of plaza boss Alfredo Salazar Ramírez “El Muñeco,” who was the leader of the organization “Los Salazar,” until his arrest in 2012. They are responsible for the high level of violence experienced in the state of Sonora in recent years.

Jesus Alfredo Salazar Ramires known as “El Muñeco.”
The two sons of Alfredo Salazar were driving aboard a gray armored Cherokee-type vehicle through the streets of Navojoa when they were intercepted by the elements the operation. The detainees were in possession of long guns. They were turned over to the proper authorities and transported to Hermosillo, where they will most likely make arrangements for their release.

They had already been arrested at a party by elements of the National Guard months ago but were immediately released after paying a large bribe to high levels of the command.

It should be noted that Adair Salazar “El Judas” is wanted by the Federal authorities for his link to the criminal organization Los Salazars, were he is plaza boss in Navojoa and Alamo. El Judas and his organization are said to be responsible for the murder of the young, 16 year old, Ariatna Ximena Hernández Chaparro.

Such are the things in Guaymas Sonora with the alleged links between
the narcos Los Salazar de Navojoa and public officials.
So far there is no official report of the arrest since it is believed that these criminals have offered a large sum of money in exchanged for their release and are expected to be released once they are processed. No doubt, they will continue to be responsible for the high amount of violence in the state of Sonora.
 Sicarios of Los Salazar patrolling the plaza of Navojoa