“El Chicano” Detained in Sonora, Wanted in N.L.

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Eight years after his alleged participation in the wave of terror that hit Nuevo León , when he was the leader of a cell in the drug trafficking group known as the Gulf Cartel ( CDG ), Yahir Pérez López , “El Chicano” , returned to prison.

“El Chicano”, leader of  Monterrey, Nueva Léon hitmen group related to 21 homicides was arrested. He is also allegedly the ex-boyfriend of “La Pelirroja” who was found hanging from a bridge on Dec 31, 2011. She was serving a sentence, herself, for kidnapping.

The individual is charged with the crimes of qualified homicide, illegal deprivation of liberty and criminal association, and is indicated as the alleged leader of a band of hitmen who operated in Monterrey and its surroundings.
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This drug trafficker who committed at least 21 murders, including the one registered against Julio César Guzmán Valdez , coach of the Association of American Children’s Soccer of Monterrey AC (AFAIM), perpetrated in the municipality of San Nicolás de los Garza ; as well as that of the police of the municipality of Allende, a woman named Éricka Ledezma Ruiz .

Elements of the Ministerial Agency for Criminal Investigation ( AMIC ), of the Sonora Prosecutor’s Office , secretly handled the operation of his detention, in order to achieve a successful apprehension, completed at 3:00 p.m. on October 28.

There was collaboration between both entities:

” El Chicano ” was admitted to the Federal Center for Social Reinsertion ( Cefereso ) in Hermosillo,  Sonora , arrested for a weapons cache, possession of cartridges for firearms exclusive to the Army. 

With his capture, the collaboration document number 5295 / D.1 / 2019, dated October 26, between the Attorney General’s Office of Nuevo León with that of Sonora, where it is indicated that the accused is required with an arrest warrant by a judge.

Once “ El Chicano ” was secured, Sonora ministerial agents handed him over to his counterparts in Nuevo León , to leave at 17:00 hours by air to Monterrey. (4pm)

He is alleged leader of a criminal group:

“Yair”, “El Chicano” is identified, both by state authorities of Nuevo León , and the federal government, as the leader of a criminal group that operated in the city of Regiomontana with extreme violence.

He is accused of participating directly in at least 21 homicides, many of which he carried out between 2010 and 2011 with high-powered weapons for the exclusive use of the Army and even, on some occasions, with fragmentation grenades.

The attacks of “El Chicano”, were aimed primarily at security, municipal and state elements of Nuevo León , in addition to depriving the life of  several guardians of the then Prison of Topo Chico .

He was also known for his participation in 2011 of the murder of kidnapper Gabriela Elizabeth “N” , alias “La Pelirroja”, who was deprived of liberty while she was being transferred to receive medical attention by prison staff.

She was serving time for  a conviction for kidnapping at the time of the events, and then, on December 31, she appeared hanged, from a road  overpass bridge in Monterrey, Nuevo León.


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