El Chapo Trial: “Government’s request for [a sentence of] life plus 30 yrs is a farce”

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Chapo’s attorneys:
After the trial that convicted El Chapo, a juror came forth alleging jury misconduct.  The juror contacted VICE to share information of what transpired during the trial.
There was discord between Chapo’s attorneys, over how to handle the information.

One attorney wanted to subpoena Keegan Hamilton [of Vice] to obtain  his notes, video or recording of the interview with the juror.  The other two attorneys did not want a fight with VICE.
In the end there was no subpoena and the argument presented was weak with the defense presenting only the article written by Hamilton.
In the sentencing next week, we will have an opportunity to actually hear from Chapo.  I think he should not be held back as it will be his only opportunity to say his piece.  I always thought he should have testified, it would not have changed a thing but his peace of mind.

Attorneys have the habit of holding back a convicted client from speaking because of appeal.    In this case that is virtually a moot point and if he doesn’t speak, regret will be his cell mate to the end of his days. 

From Balarezo:

Although I no longer represent Mr. Guzman, here is my statement concerning the government’s filing  [in full below] of tonight:
“The government’s request of life plus 30 years is a farce. Joaquin’s conviction and incarceration for drug trafficking will change nothing in the so-called war on drugs. And, for the same government to obtain a 17 year sentence for Vicente Zambada shows the corruption of the criminal justice system. Sing like a canary, true or false, and reduce your sentence. As long as you do what the government wants you to do, you will be fine.”
AEB [Eduardo Balarezo]
Restitution??? Whose money? click on image to enlarge


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