El Chapo Sentenced!

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Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

El Chapo has been sentenced.  Judge Cogan has sentenced Chapo to life in prison plus 30. The life sentence is for counts 1-8, the 30 years is for count 9. They are to run consecutively.
He was ordered to pay 12..6 billion dollars in forfeiture.
The former capo of Sinaloa Cartel is 62 years old
He blew a kiss to his wife as he entered the courtroom.

The much anticipated witness, a former cartel member named Andrea Vélez Fernández,  [below] gave a witness impact statement and spoke about how Chapo attempted to have her killed. She was an assistant to Alex Cifuentes.

She spoke to Chapo: “Mr. Guzman, the same as I ask for your forgiveness, I forgive you…Today, I want to close this painful chapter of my life. Today, I am strong. But yesterday, I was weak.”
She is a U.S. cooperative witness.

According to Mexican press, [material from Cultura Colectiva,  la Neta Noticias, Vanguardia]

“Andrea Vélez Fernández was the “sinister assistant” who worked for El Chapo, with the purpose of seducing officials and senior officers of the Mexican Army. 

According to Cifuentes, the task of the women was not to entertain the members of the El Chapo organization, but they were dedicated to seducing officials linked to drug trafficking 

Alex Cifuetes said that El Chapo was interested in pleasing the military because they had launched a hunt against him, especially after 2008, when Mexican and US authorities began to besiege him. 

“She would introduce the friends to the general in private parties,” said the Colombian capo, without mentioning the identity. The deal was to deliver women to said leader of the militia and offer him 10 million dollars “to leave in peace”. Cifuentes said that the military man hated Guzmán Loera too much to accept his bribe , but El Chapo accused Andrea Vélez of lying and ordered to kill her, although he never managed to fulfill his mission. 

According to the testimony of an FBI agent, Andrea Velez began collaborating secretly with the US authorities in 2012 and was transferred to the United States after receiving a death threat.

Andrea said that initially she was impressed by his kindness and charm,  and felt he and his Sinaloa associates were her family. She claims she suffered a  kind of Stockholm syndrome and claims she eventually saved by the FBI who she worked for undercover.
The prosecution is seeking restitution for this former cartel associate, and others.
Chapo did get his 2 cents in as he spoke before sentencing, addressing the court Chapo said;
‏”Since the U.S. is going to send me to a prison where I will never be heard from again,  I take advantage of this opportunity to say there was no justice here.”
He continued saying  the U.S. government as “corrupt,” and again spoke about a common theme during his incarceration both in Mexican and U.S. prison; saying that he’s endured “psychological, emotional and mental torture” . [Solitary confinement, no visitors, limited commissary, no outdoor time etc]
He described his treatment as cruel and inhuman. [Speaking of SAMS special administrative measures]
He went on to say that judge Cogan denied him a fair trial.
Chapo says he did not receive a fair trial, he spoke about jury misconduct and the VICE interview with a juror.

“When I was extradited to the United States I expected to have a fair trial, but what happened was the exact opposite.”
He asked the judge,  “Why did we go to trial? Why didn’t you just not convict me from day one?”

He became emotional and his voice cracked while he spoke about his family.“I have not been allowed a visit from my wife and I have not been allowed to hug my daughters.”
“I have been physically, psychologically, mentally tortured 24 hours a day.”
His end remark was to Cogan; “The United States is no better than any other corrupt country that you don’t respect.”
Below video; Emma leaves court without speaking.
Accompanied by Guzmán Loera’s lawyer , Mariel Colon, who is also her partner in the El Chapo Guzmán JGL clothing line project, which will be distributed in the United States and Mexico, Colonel Aispuro left in a black suburban